Bee School in Action

flowWe have been so busy (busy as bees?) at the field house the last few months, we have been too busy to post on all that we have been doing. So here is a series of updates starting with our first sessions of the Bee School.

Some of you who walk by the Oak Park field house may have notices we have a couple of lovely educational bee hives (painted by chART member Jaymie Johnson). Our resident bee master is Brian Campbell. Anyone who know anything about bee keeping in the lower mainland will have either met or heard about Brian. We are so lucky to have Brian as a member of the chART collective and to be working with him at the field house as he is an extremely busy guy. Not only is Brian the seed master for West Coast Seeds, he also works with the Environmental Youth Alliance (EYA), teaches classes at VanDusen Gardens, and is part of our other research project (in collaboration with Emily Carr University, UBC Okanagan, and the cities of Richmond and Kelowna) Border Free Bees. Brian also runs his own, Blessed Bee School, and teaches classes at a number of locations in Vancouver and Richmond.


This spring’s class was a beginner Bee Keeping course with an emphasis on the FLOW Hive. The FLOW Hive has been the most successful crowd-sourcing campaign in the history of Indiegogo, raising almost 12.5 million dollars. That is a lot of new bee keepers. So in the interest of supporting all the would-be beekeepers in Vancouver, we sponsored a FLOW Hive ourselves. It arrived last December and we assembled it here at the field house.

Brian designed a class to incorporate the unique aspects of the FLOW Hive, but primarily, the course deals with a broad range of essential bee keeping information and hands-on experiences.

Our class wrapped up after 6 weeks, but we will be following up with our students to check on how their hives are doing and have everyone back for our next honey harvest at the field house. Last year we had two honey harvests and this year promises to be equally busy.