Langara Landscape Design Class at Oak Park Fieldhouse


A HUGE thank you to Langara instructor, Brian Campbell (and chART member) and his whole wonderful class for the new BEE GARDEN at the fieldhouse. As part of his Landscape Design class at Langara, Brian used Oak Park as a case-study for his team to design and install a garden to support not only our educational hives and native bees, but also our ongoing programming to promote art and ecology. It was a crazy day as we also had our mural refresh happening over on Granville Street. Good thing chART is a collective, because sometimes it takes an army of us to get everything done!

Those who walk past Oak Park Fieldhouse regularly on their way to the Marpole Oakridge Community Centre know that our garden was already bee-friendly, if not a bit wild. As our lawn sign can attest, we are “going for the gold” with our water-free lawn and the beautiful dandelions were almost waist high — a mini meadow.

But now the space has transformed into a demo garden with new bumblebee houses tucked in amongst the new planting. Come by and see if you can spot them and the amazing range of native bees that share the space with our honey bees.


While you will see us out there with our strategic watering of the new plants, we are still “going for the gold” with our lawn. Let’s all remember to be water-wise.