Making Marpole Mural Magic (again)!

The Emily Carr University mural class, based at the Oak Park Fieldhouse, has been busy this summer and their amazing design can be seen at the corner of 64th and Granville Street on the wall at Starbuck’s.


The class was has been working away this week, led by chART’s amazing Ashley Guindon. Today was the community painting day, when Marpole residents could join in the fun under the gentle guidance of the students. Yes, it is like colouring in public!

As always, it was wonderful to share the experience of creating for the community with the community. Thanks to all the people who came by to paint, chat, and offer encouragement. Walk or drive on by and check out the mural for yourself and see if you can find the Anna’s hummingbird — Vancouver’s “official bird” for 2017-18.