As the Crow Flies

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As the Crow Flies is a community-engaged public art project that brings creative connections to urban birds directly into the hands of the citizens of Vancouver. As the Crow Flies is a 10-kilometer community public art project consisting of diverse artworks designed to engage and educate the public about what they can do to help reverse the environmental problems that include loss of biodiversity, climate change, and species decline.

Our projects, including Fledglings, Nesting Nests, and Bird Play, are fun, hands on temporary artworks that bring together and empower local communities to learn how to make positive environmental changes on personal, community, and even national levels.

As the Crow Flies takes place at community centres and parks across Vancouver in the months leading up to the International Ornithological Conference in August when bird enthusiasts from around the world will focus their attention on BC.

Stay tuned for locations, dates, and times for your opportunity to have a hand in creating public art about birds!

Fledglings Concept Sketch

“Fledglings.” Concept art by Geoff Campbell.


Field trip

While we at chART like to spend a lot of time working away at Oak Park Fieldhouse, we also love to visit other fieldhouses and show off the program to visitors to Vancouver. So we were delighted to be able to take curator Courtney Gilbert over to Burrard View Park to visit artist Lexie Owen. Courtney came to visit chART from the Sun Valley Arts Center in Idaho where we are bringing our installation, For All is For Yourself, this spring.

Thanks for the visit Lexie!


Lexie Owen, Megan Smetzer (chART), Courtney Gilbert

Blind Drawing to open the eyes

As we move into 2018, Elvira Hufschmid left us with to lovely “blind drawing” series that captured moments of reflection while she was with us in the studio — a sense of place at Oak Park Fieldhouse.

Thank you, Elvira for sharing your time and creative vision with us in December.


Portrait of a place: Marpole Fieldhouse

A fence and trees

A car

A wall of stones

A man moving or driving

A golf caddy or something similar


Portrait of a place: Marpole Fieldhouse

A coyote or wolf

Two hands forming a V

A hand holding

A man seen from behind


images and text: EHufschmid2017

Winter in the Fieldhouse


It has been a busy semester with the Emily Carr University move to our new campus and everyone settling in and dealing with the growing pains of a new building. The field house has been a welcome retreat as we began planning for a big new public art project for 2018 (more on that soon). But while we have been in planning mode (and grant writing like crazy) we have also had some great activities happening in the house.


We welcomed Elvira Hufschmid into the chART fold this December. Elvira is a Vancouver-Berlin based visual artist, curator and author in the field of Processes of Aesthetic Transformation and Temporary Art Spaces. She is currently collaborating with Ingrid Koenig, Randy Lee Cutler and Margit Schild on a SSHRCC Insight Grant project at ECU: Leaning out of Windows – Art & Physics Collaboration through Artistic Transformations (2016-2019). We are so thrilled that she could join us for a month and she has been working on some beautiful drawings at the fieldhouse as well as hosting a community art meal for the Emily Carr’s Interdisciplinary 165 Foundations class.

It may be the holiday season, but over at the fieldhouse we are quietly working away as we have a rich and exciting art filled 2018 planned for Vancouver.


Field Guides Comes to the Round House

Cameron and Ashley getting ready for the Round House Community Centre exhibition Field Guides highlighting the work of all the current field house artists in residence. Opening on Thursday, Sept. 15 from 6-8.

chART will be featuring our We Are Here project including our “interactive” map of Marpole and a take-away map of favourite places in Marpole as presented by the local community. Find out the hidden gems of Marpole for a local point of view.

Hope to see you there!

State of the Practice: Fieldguides

Oak Park Fieldhouse is excited to participate in State of the Practice: Fieldguides, an exhibition of the city’s artist fieldhouses at the  Roundhouse Community Centre.

Come join us on Thursday September 14, 6-8pm for an opening reception and get your Marpole-made community map with over 100 of your neighbours’ favourite spots in the area!

Find out more at