Writing up a Storm…

The Writing Centre at Emily Carr University has collaborated with chART to host a series of faculty writing retreats at Oak Park Fieldhouse. Faculty spend so much time helping their students with writing, they often don’t get enough time to work on their own. The fieldhouse site is wonderful for intense group writing. Led by Heather Mitchell, director of ECU’s Writing Centre, the group spent the day working in “timed” writing periods. It was such a productive and supportive day, that when we finished the request for more retreats was immediate.

In total this spring/summer, we hosted three retreats including one dedicated to creating artist zines. There will be more sessions in the Fall season.



Environmental Ethics at the Fieldhouse

This summer the fieldhouse was the site for Emily Carr University’s Environmental Ethics class. For six weeks, led by Dr. Cartiere, the class explored numerous challenging ethical questions relating to the environment. Because we were able to base the class at Oak Park, we could take full advantage of our fieldhouse kitchen, so we covered many of the environmental questions through the lens of food!


We also had several field trips including a visit to City Farmer, UBC Farm and UBC Botanical Gardens. We also had to hand-on visits helping eco-artist Sharon Kallis at both the Means of Production Garden and at Kallis’s “field house” at Trillium North.

We always love a chance to collaborate with other Vancouver Parks projects and working with Sharon was truly inspirational for the students.

Marpole meets Mount Pleasant

IMG_8306We have been SO busy this year in the Oak Park Fieldhouse we haven’t had much time to post, so here are a series of “catch-up” posts to bring everyone up to date.

We have been running several Emily Carr University classes based at the fieldhouse  and one that started in January was an advanced Social Practice open studio. Students in the class developed their own unique create concepts for art and community engagement. Works ranged from creating watercolours from natural materials, group maze making, and a workshop for creating wind chimes from found material. Many of these projects evolved into public workshops that are taking place this month at the Kingsgate Mall in Mount Pleasant .


Come celebrate with us this Saturday, May 27, 1-3pm as we unveil We Are Here: A Creative Mapping Project for Marpole!

This has been a year-long community initiative in which participants shared their favourite place in Marpole, and 144 entries have contributed to the stitched and paper maps.

Come explore this exquisite textile work created by our neighbours and artists, and take home a limited-edition paper version!

We look forward to seeing you at the Oak Park Fieldhouse (7575 Fremlin) for an afternoon of connection and refreshments.

We Are Here: Celebration!

We are happy to report that We Are Here: A Creative Mapping Project for Marpole is nearing completion! This has been a year-long community initiative in which participants stitched a patch to mark their favourite place in Marpole, and all suggestions have been compiled into a stitched artwork as well as a paper version for individual use.

We will be hosting a community celebration to celebrate our collective effort, where everyone can explore the stitched map loving created by Marpole’s neighbours and our artists, and also take home a limited-edition paper version of the map to enjoy.

Please join us on Saturday, May 27, 1-3pm at the Oak Park Fieldhouse (7575 Fremlin) for an afternoon of connection and refreshments.

Date Change – Up-cycle Sessions

Hi Everyone! Due to community feedback, we have changed the date of our final Up-Cycle Sessions event. Join us at Oak Park Fieldhouse (7575 Fremlin) on Saturday, April 29, 1-4 for a FREE insect hotel workshop! We can help you to design a piece that is friendly to specific bugs and a fabulous work of art too. Invite your friends and neighbours, and we look forward to seeing you there!